Pollution in New Delhi is Beyond Atrocious
Posted at 6 Aug by Shalin

Don’t get me wrong, India is a magnificent country with an incredible and complex history, but this pollution thing has got to stop now. Recent levels of hazardous air in New Delhi are at least twice that currently experienced by regions such as the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley, which are adjacent to the worst fires in California’s history. On my trip to New Delhi two winters ago, I actually experienced pollution levels 2x those in the below picture. I consider myself to be a reasonably healthy person, but the resultant breakdown in my body after only 24 hours still causes me PTSD to this day.

Believe me, I understand that part of this is due to very unique geographic and climate patterns of New Delhi. But pollution is an issue across Asia (it’s just REALLY bad in New Delhi). Think about the lives being ruined here; generations of children who can’t play sport and will have respiratory problems for the rest of their lives, birth defects,…the list is endless.

There are few things I can say with certainty in life outside of the fact that until India or any country fixes its pollution problem, it will be relegated to Emerging Market status. And Donald Trump aside, her brain drain will be continuous. In other words, it’s a BIG DEAL.


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